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AwesomeTage v2, coming in Winter 2013.
Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Oct 2013
The Awesome Clan Montage v2 release is set this Winter, following the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The montage has a lot of pressure riding on it, as we compete to top our first montage. With the addition of a few members, as well as previous stars returning, it is sure to be one of the greatest montages I've ever produced. As this is following the release of Ghosts, we are looking to use not only Black Ops II clips, but some Ghosts clips as well so be sure to be on your top game during your Ghost gameplay. The release of this new Call of Duty is our chance to get our names out there. If we can make a great montage on a brand new game, the audience is bound to be larger than usual. Look to the future, be prepared for Ghosts. ~AwesomeKillcamZ

15th Oct 2013 ✯Leader AwesomeMathieu
Woot woot I was just called a star, time to start pretending like I'm good at Call of Duty again. Move out of my way scrubs
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