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Black Ops II New DLC!
Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Mar 2013
Hey guys, AwesomeKillcamZ reporting live from French class. The Concour is being finished by many here, but for me it's news time. Okay, in all seriousness, Black Ops II has added a Bacon camo to the game. So basically, there are like 8 packs. The Graffitti pack, the Bacon pack, the Party Rock pack, the Kawaii Pack, the Benjamins pack, the Viper pack, the Jungle Warfare pack, the Dia de Meurtos pack, and the Zombies pack. These packs each include A Camo for your weapon, applicable to all weapons in the game, A title for your playercard, and some reticles for your red dot, holographic, and acog sights. Along with this new DLC, there is 10 Class sets which you can purchase, giving you 100 possible classes to pick from, and the theatre mode has received many new slots. Along with this, I also heard you can buy multiple Emblem slots as well. Also, the packs are 160 Microsoft points each. ~ KillcamZ out.

Here are some images -

14th Mar 2013 Co- Leader AwesomeBeast007
are these free?
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