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Clan Thoughts
✯Leader AwesomeMathieu 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Mar 2013
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Awesome

AwesomeMathieu here just here to post my thoughts on some speculation I've been hearing about our clan.

I hear a lot of people in our clan say that we could be as big as some of these other famous Youtube clans, but right now, that is but a dream. That is our whole problem though right now, we have tried to start series or doing something as a clan that would help get us famous, even if it starts out slow, we have to keep at what we want and strive beyond that.

Other clans, other people, strive to be like what we want to be as well. They are all waiting for there chance in the spotlight, however, the problem is, they are waiting. What will waiting do for you, it will allow you dream, then move on and go to something else that is easier. Being a clan is not easy, neither is working on youtube. Why do you think that hutch quit Machinima Respawn, it was just too much stress on his life.

Now we are a clan, a team, partners, what we all have to do is to focus on not what we want, but, how we'll get there. It's not easy and won't be, we may all have to sacrifice some of our time out of our already busy days to try and do something for the clan instead of sitting listening to music or doing so many of these other random things. Now I know it will be a hard path, and it will not be easy, but we must make that spotlight come to us that we so dream for. We need to try and do something for our clan that would benefit it.

That's why I'm writing this tonight, I want to hear from you, the honorable members of Awesome who are proud to say that they are a part of this clan, I want to hear any ideas that you have in order for us to kick this clan off the ground and make us above average, more so than all the other clans. I have total faith in us as a clan to be able to produce some things that would make us extraordinary, so that we too when the time comes, can have our chance to succeed. This is not as easy as it was before. Now there is multiple other clans trying to be like us, we need to try a little bit harder, and good things will come out of it.


14th Mar 2013 Co- Leader AwesomeBeast007
if i had hdpvrs or something id always be filiming and the ppl that actually have them never do
14th Mar 2013 Co- Leader AwesomeBeast007
trollolololol but seriously lets get off our asses and do something
6th Mar 2013 Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ
Dayum. A good start would probably be you now actually playing the games.... :P
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