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AwesomeTage v2, coming in Winter 2013.
15th Oct 2013 · Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

The Awesome Clan Montage v2 release is set this Winter, following the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The montage has a lot of pressure riding on it, as we compete to top our first montage. With the addition of a few members, as well as previous stars returning, it is sure to be one of the greatest montages I've ever produced. As this is following the release of Ghosts, we are looking to use not only Black Ops II clips, but some Ghosts clips as well so be sure to be on your top game during your Ghost gameplay. The release of this new Call of Duty is our chance to get our names out there. If we can make a great montage on a brand new game, the audience is bound to be larger than usual. Look to the future, be prepared for Ghosts. ~AwesomeKillcamZ

Reviving the site.
9th Oct 2013 · Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Hey guys, AwesomeKillcamZ, and I'm planning on starting this site back up, and I will try and be on and post quite often and everyone else should try and do the same. I've begun with a new layout which I am not finished with, however it is themed after Call of Duty: Ghosts. Also, I'd like to buy premium for our site so we can have many new features, so I've set up a Donation button if you'd like to assist me in getting premium.

Minecraft Multi-Team Survival Competition!
14th May 2013 · Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

As many of you may know, the clan has begun planning for a 2v2v2v2 Minecraft 360 survival game in which the surviving team is rewarded with a game of their choice, whether it be Xbox or PC. The Minecraft game will be executed in Hardcore mode, meaning once you die, you're out. Your team still has a chance of winning though. As long as one person on your team survives, you have a chance. The teams at the moment look like they're going to be as follows: AwesomeKillcamZ & AwesomeBeast007 v.s AwesomeMathieu & AwesomeDomm v.s AwesomePunish3r & OLeaRySuaVeZz v.s KillaPhonix & AwesomeVader. The perspectives of AwesomeDomm, AwesomeMathieu, and AwesomeKillcamZ are expected to be recorded. This competition's exact date is to be announced and teams are subject to change. There are no rules but the following; A One hour grace period is held at the beginning, meaning that no one may kill anyone until this period is up. During this time, teams will spread out and begin their construction. After the hour is up, all is fair. Last team to have at least one member surviving wins. Maps WILL be allowed but all players must set their "Don't appear on maps" option on so that teams cannot find each other through maps. Again, the date for this is undecided so keep checking the site for updates. ~ AwesomeKillcamZ

Black Ops II New Camo!
9th May 2013 · Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hey guys, I've got some new about a new Black Ops 2 camo that is called "Ghost" I would believe, and I've heard it actually glows in the dark areas of the map which is a cool effect, but defeats the purpose of camo. But really, most the camos just look nice in this game and don't function as an actual disguise. Anyways, this is only obtainable through the Pre-Order of Call Of Duty: Ghosts, and you must have a gamestop Power Up Rewards account. I don't have a screenshot of this at the moment, but I may add one later.

Lol why not
12th Apr 2013 · Sniper AwesomeKillcamZ · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

http://www.sockshare.com/ ... le/5E3158990A29AEC2#

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