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I am looking to upgrade to Premium and will be setting up a donation option, any donation amount will help. ~Killcamz

Hello, and welcome to the official website of the Awesome Gaming Team! We are a team that plays regularly on Xbox Live, we don't do competition very often but we enjoy playing. Our team is mainly based around the Call of Duty series, specifically Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2. A portion of our team also plays Battlefield 3. Overall, we are a skilled team who enjoy gaming for what it is, not the competition. (Oct. 2013)

Rap by AwesomePredator:
Yeah! Welcome to the clan that'll land a shot, man we comin so hot, I don't know if we'll stop, pop went your head on the killcam, damn wait is that a 720, we're the defenintion of a clan, snipin is the plan followed by rappin, it just so happens that you died, now go and cry? Ha we're the army, that brings the party to the lobby, role up in bugatti's, funny how you think your good until you play us, your teams a bust, does it taste good eating dust? Turn around i'm behind you I thought you knew i'm killin you it's deja-vu to us too. DAMN did you see Killcamz? All he does is go ham, ends in a bam, they you see the rest of our clan, Vader the annihilator on point eliminator, and the leader is Mathieu who knew that you true screw up, look up it's a Beast he's ready to feast, but at least you have a shot of getting a negitive streak?

Ha! Vader you got me right?? Okay lets go Awesome Army here to play, just another day passin by, you lie about the truth, and we hit shit like Babe Ruth, now we're doing us, trust me when I say, there's not a way, you can keep us away, until the day we die, we'll be Awesome, bottom line, bring out the big guys, ha ya! KillcamZ is his name snipin's the game, he's the main reason why i'm here, your fear he can smell, but hell you didn't stand a chance, you know the leader, getting hot like a heater, Mathieu can do anything better than you, does that hurt you, no shit you're getting ripped on by me too, I'm talking Beast like my boy double 0 seven, he's gonna send you to heaven, after the Punishers assasination attepmt on your ass, but just relax and enjoy the view because before you know it, Domm gets lit, and starts hittin shit, like luke facin Vader in the pit, he ain't your daddy, your badly mistaken, if you take him for granted, just face it your time is wasted, like shell casings, raising the bar is what we are about, now I have no don't, that once this rap is out, beyond any doubt you'll be runin to your mom sayin, "Mommy! Mommy! I got beat by the Awesome Army!"
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